USP – (unique selling proposition) based on product features and related to particular attributes that differentiate one product from another.

ESP – (emotional selling proposition) advertising role became more focused on developing brand values, based on emotion and imagery.

Therefore to create a unique product then need to work hard. For example, the company must to research customer needs and generate ideas, also need to create products and adjust features of goods to make it desired for consumers, etc.

Moreover if company is looking just to satisfy minimum customer needs, it will be not be very attractive. Also it will be cheap product, specially, when consumer belongs to group of welfare recipient. But if production designed to follow fashion, to feel costumer maximum satisfaction, the company must to improve exterior and design.


For example, cosmetics products are very popular in society including men and women. Cosmetic is proper to daily usage as toothpaste, creams, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, etc. It belongs to USP market. But if it products for make-up, it is already opportunity to feel more beautiful, confident, etc, and it belongs to ESP. However, even the each product from USP market has some features which belong to ESP. For example, if shampoo is for daily usage or it is to cure dandruff, it is main feature of USP. It is just something unique what customer need. But if consumer is looking for beautiful package or for nice smell, it already is a point of ESP market. The main feature of USP is minimum people needs, but ESP is more improving consumer’s better life.


Therefore new technologies are available to satisfy human demands. They are creating new products as digital camera, plasma TV, radio, computer, etc. Nowadays we have many new technologies which are improved by companies. For example, digital camera is usable for take a pictures. It belongs to ESP. Because of that people do not important to have pictures for surviving. People have memory. But it was invented to improve human life. Companies are still improving digital camera’s designs, exteriors and features to make it more desired, fashionable and attractive. It is very important if companies want to satisfy customer needs.


Moreover the product as juice or fruit belongs to USP market. Due to it is important to human organism. These products have vitamins which is need to us to survive. Certainly, product’s price depends of the quality. Welfare recipient will buy less quality juice like it does not have one hundred percent naturalness. Others people who have opportunity will buy more expensive juice. Also, design and exterior connected with price and it belongs to ESP. It can be the same juice in beautiful packing and in the poor design box. People can use ESP if they have opportunities.


Finally, USP and ESP is a part of market. Companies are using one of them or both to attract more customers. Products always have some unique feature which suits people needs. Emotional feature is more needed to increase company’s economy.


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