My second experience…

  • What did I learn this week?

This week was important to understand how advertisement is included in our life. The main point of advertisement is that we all are connected with that all the time. We are watching TV, listening radio and we are seeing all stands in streets. It affects us every day. Most companies are using all types of advertisement to show them brand. The reason is to improve number of customers. Moreover I am one of these consumers which memorizing in my subliminal all these brands and sometimes I am using them products. In my opinion, commercials are one of strongest factor which is affecting our subliminal.

  • How did I learn it?

It was not so hard to understand. Due to nowadays everything is based on commercial which surrounds us in every step. The worse thing that everyone are available to understand it but we are too weak to say “No” for commercial. People can solve it but first thing what they need to do is to compare their life quality with advertisement and without it.

  • Did I have any difficulties in the learning process?

I have not any difficulties in learning about advertisement. Due to now it is part of our life. It was very interesting to go deeper to understand how it is important to companies. Moreover our subjects are connected with that and in the future we will need to use it.

  • How did I overcome them?

I need not to overcome difficulties because I did not have it.

  • How will what I learned be important for my professional future?

My professional future is connected with advertisement. I will be an administrator and I will be a company’s face. The best is to realize how much it is important to the company and how I can contribute in it. I will need to do a good first impression to our customers. I will need to maintain stands and others advertisements. Moreover if I will understand every part of advertisement then I can be important part of creating it. 



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