The third experience…

  • What did I learn this week?

The most important what I learn this week was how shock advertisement is affecting people. I am not watching TV already more than one year but before I stopped to do that, I saw many advertisements in TV. I heard many advertisements in radio. I saw it in street but rarely saw shock adverts. In Lithuania cruel advertisements are not valid. However they show a few adverts but only in the light shock. But when started to see more into it, I realized how it is important. They just want to make people think more about our global problems. Moreover, I agree with that kind of advertisement. Due to they just want to help for humanity and The Earth.

  • How did I learn it?

I was very interested in shock advertisement. For this reason I search for photos and videos. I found many interesting things about marketing. Some of shock adverts are for to create better life. But others are just in commercial way. They just want to sell another product at that time when people will stop to use primary products. So, just search for some substance is helpful to learn something.

  • Did I have any difficulties in the learning process?

To understand adverts need to watch them and try to look into it from different side, not as customer but from professional side. This point was difficult for me because I do not have so much professionalism to look at it in this way.

  • How did I overcome them?

I tried to watch many advertisements and tried to figure out the main point of it. I was forming my approach of it.

  • How will what I learned be important for my professional future?

This substance and classes about advertisements will help to me in the future because I can use it in my future work. I will have a possibility to create shock advert and improve my work quality. It will help to reach the next level of my career.



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