My fourth experience…

  • What did I learn this week?

I learnt about important concepts of marketing communication. As it is important in market and useful for companies and organizations. Every detail is very important as SWOT, 4P, customer’s needs, advertising and etc. During business or non-profit activity always need to pay attention on minor things which is improving a work. 

  • How did I learn it?

I learnt it on useful lessons of marketing communication. Every lesson gave me skills to improve my perception about the market and its aspects. 

  • Did I have any difficulties in the learning process?

Yes, i had. Because of English language. I need to understand every word due to it is important in the market. But it was very good experience to try go deep into the market in this way.

  • How did I overcome them?

I always read a lot about it and tried to translate every unknown word. It was not so easy and took many time but i overcame it. 

  • How will what I learned be important for my professional future?

The market is the most important thing in the business. For that reason my future work is connected with marketing communication. My experience which lessons gave me here will be very useful in my professional future. Every word which i heard in lessons time were useful details of puzzle which is creating my perception.



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