Product positioning

Advanced technology allows for companies to develop products for the needs of the user. The company must to understand consumer’s necessity to improve his own life and choose the best way for it. So, our company noticed that in nowadays people are very stressful, exhausted because they must to be very active to be in time with life.

For this reason our company is suggesting the best choice to get relax and to be fashionable at the same time. Our product is the small audio player which is usable in nowadays. However, we upgraded it till dimension where our customer can hear nothing or can choose some relaxing sounds.

The audio player is very popular between teenagers and people who are doing sport as running or etc. However, our company is focusing on hard-working people. They can enjoy silence in the way from them jobs or while they are getting breaks. Due to our brains expecting from us time to rest and get to be more active.

Customer already knew this invention like audio player which is playing music. Moreover, we are trying to interest our customers in silence. It depends of consumer’s wishes as he or she wants listen music sounds or just amazing silence. Whereas, they cannot imagine how it is possible to hear nothing and people are interesting in it.

The main point is competition. Many companies are offering audio players. However, it is without any programs inside. We are offering product with integrated program. For this reason we have more opportunities to have many customers. Moreover, our product has beautiful design and exterior. Also we are offering an opportunity to choose color. These points are increasing our potentiality to compete others companies and to be in the first place of sales range.

Finally, I would like to say that our product is very new in the world of technologies. Also, audio player is very popular product, so improvement just helps to do this player more unique and desired. 



3 main point to attract cutomers

First of all, I would like to say that when I came to shop then I am searching for noted brands. Due to, I already trusted in it and knows what to expect from them.

Second, I would like to describe 3 main features of how others shops could to attract me to go inside.

First step what shop must to do is to have a modern showcase which is colorful and highly visible. It is cognitive point. Because the first look is very important. If customer will look to entrance and it will be not attractive, so consumer will never go inside. I prefer colorful area, but it must to be not so bright. Because if it will be too much bright than I can start to feel bad. Moreover, the showcase must to be highly visible. It means that I prefer showcases with big window. Also it should be slightly protruding. Then my first sight will be to that store.





Next step is to be psychological point like advertise. If shop have a big and highly advertise board then my first turn will be to that place. In my opinion, if the company will do some discounts or maybe a very big day with huge discounts, they will have many customers. Due to, nowadays people feeling a disappointment of crisis in countries, so they are trying to economize for better life. If consumer know that he or she can save a little bit money and have a desired thing at the same time then customer will be very happy. This point is the most important to company because if customer feels satisfaction then it means that consumer will be back to that shop.



The last but not least point is to have unique trait. For example modern interior and design inside. I prefer calm and warm colors like light brown or purple. I like when racks are not crowd and there is enough space to move between them. Also, I prefer neatly arranged items and quality goods. Moreover, the most important thing of interior is the light. Every rack and clothes must to be highly visible then customer can choose by his needs. Also, this point belongs for attraction. Most people are going to that shop which has bright and cozy atmosphere. Besides, there is one more important point as music. The shop should let music which depends of stores themes.



Finally, everyone have own favor, so they are choosing different things. The company should to figure out which favor is popular at the time and improve their shops design. I wrote about me and group which is similar to me. I prefer bright and cozy colors which calm music and I also like neatness inside shop.

Pens and Beer

Pens & Beer

Pens and beers are usable products. Nowadays we are living in the paperless age, but we still are using paper and pen. Also beer is very popular drink in many countries. These products have many varieties of choices like color, taste, etc.

Part I

The plain product as pen is daily and usable for everybody. In the shops customer can find a lot of various choices for different needs.


The first choice is simple and cheap pen. Why is it cheap? Because of that it costs just about 0.30 Euros. Why is it simple? Therefore exterior and design is not qualitative or very nice. It can be very colorful and handy but not hard goods. It belongs to minimal customer needs like students, pupils, recipients, etc. Cheap and not qualitative pen is good choice for general requirement.

The second choice belongs to average needs. Why is it average? Accordingly exterior and design is much more better then the first choice. It can be also colorful and very handy. Moreover it are harder goods then the first pen but not so long-term. However it is more expensive. It costs about 1 Euro. Besides, this pen belongs to average customer needs. It can be same students, pupils and recipients. Also it can be some organizations, companies, etc. The most important point that everyone can use this kind of pen because a price is available and it have exterior for everyone’s demand.


The last choice is beautiful and expensive pen. Why is it beautiful? Due to it have intelligence exterior and luxury design. Why is it expensive? It costs minimum 10 Euros or 30 Euros because it depends of the brand also these pens are harder goods. In my opinion, many people can not buy this pen for themselves because of price. They more prefer cheaper products. Consequently, this good belongs to maximum customer needs like CEO, CFO, businessman, etc. This kind of pen is very good choice to show luxury and intelligence.


Finally, I would like to say that even the smallest detail of life to people sometimes can have a very high value. Accordingly, customer every time will choose just drawing attention only to their own needs and opportunities.

Part II

The fresh drink as a beer is popular in many countries like Lithuania, Great Britain, Germany, etc. Every country has an extraordinary taste of beer. It has different colors, strength, taste, substance.



Lithuania is a Baltic country in Northern Europe. It is a beer drinking country, with the most famous brands being “Svyturys”, “Kalnapilis” and “Utenos”. While customer is visiting shops of food, he will see that there are about 50 different brands of beer in this small country. Alcohol percentages are displayed on the label and usually range from 4 to 9.5 percent. The price of beer is about 1 Euro per half liter. The beer tastes excellent, putting global brands to shame and it can be said that Lithuanian lager is of at least equal quality to Great Britain or Germany.

Great Britain also known as “Britain” and it is an island situated to the north-west of Continental Europe. English beer has a long history and traditions that are distinct from most other beer brewing countries. Beer was the first alcoholic drink to be produced in England, and has been brewed continuously since prehistoric times. England is known for its top fermented cask beer (also called real ale) which finishes maturing in the cellar of the pub rather than at the brewery and is served with only natural carbonation. English beer styles include bitter, mild, brown ale and old ale. The price of product is about 2 Pounds per half liter. Moreover strength of beer is very similar to Lithuania’s beer. British ale tends to average 4.4%. Also they have beer festivals.


Germany officially the Federal Republic of Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in west-central Europe. Beer is a major part of German culture. For many years German beer was brewed in adherence to the Reinheitsgebot order or law which only permitted water, hops and malt as beer ingredients. The order also required that beers not exclusively using barley-malts such as wheat beer must be top-fermented. Styles of beer in Germany are like wheat, pale, dark, unfiltered. The alcohol-by-volume, or ABV, content of beers in Germany is usually between 4.7% and 5.4% for most traditional brews. The average price is 2.5 Euros per half liter. They also have beer festivals like in Great Britain.


I would like to say that beer’s strength is similar in these all three countries. However, the most important thing is taste and it is different in each area. Which taste is the best – very hard to say because it depends of a customer’s flavor. The cheapest but not the worse beer is in Lithuania. Moreover, Great Britain and Germany have similar prices for beer. Which selection is better customer usually decide by opportunities and needs. It means that consumer is choosing by location, prices and alcohol percentages.

Finally, I would like to say that these two products are similar and different at the same time. These two products are very usable in the world. They have different prices but it depends of customer needs and wishes like exterior, design, taste, brand. However, pens are daily products for organizations, companies and society. But beer is a product which people usually use at vacant hours. Consequently, these two products are usable products in commerce, but only in the particular environment and these goods are profitable which depends on the user’s needs.

My first experience

  • What did I learn this week?


In this week I had fathom out of marketing’s point. The main thing was to analyze definitions of marketing. Because in order to understand what market’s points helps to develop and increase company. Also now I know what market does to attract customers to their shops and what is useful for increasing company’s economy.


  • How did I learn it?


I did learn it while I was doing my homework and analyzed marketing’s definitions. It very helps to understand more mains points. Moreover, it was the first time to me when I came to shop not for buy something or to use some services but for that reason to watch what kind of features shops has.


  • Did I have any difficulties in the learning process?


I had some difficulties in the learning process because is the first time when I am studying marketing in English language. So I need to translate some terms also I need to think a lot about definitions and it takes a longer time to realize what author want to say about it. However, it was less difficult to describe shops.


  • How did I overcome them?


I overcame them while I was spending a lot time with homework. I was sitting, reading many texts and translating every important word or mind. Every hour I am improving my English language and also increasing my conception about marketing. It is the one of many reasons why I chose the Erasmus program.


  • How will what I learned be important for my professional future?


I will be an administrator so I need to know how exactly to use marketing with customers in the company. My work will be to communicate with people and give them advise and suggestions of our products or services. If I learn to perfectly use marketing’s points, I can be the best of my range.


NorteShopping – one of largest shopping center in Porto. There they are offering a different production which depends of customers needs.

On the first floor customers can find shops which supplies products and services as mobile network, cheap food, stuffs for babies, accessories for women and houses. On the second floor people can have delicious and quickly supplies of food, also they can find shop of clothes. It shows that this shopping center is grouping shops for comfortable use. It depends of consumers needs like if person want to buy shoes or clothes, he or she knows that kind of these stuffs will be in the second floor. Moreover, the mall is taking account to customers with children and babies, because that type of stuff they can find on the first floor, so they do not need to get up to upwards, because it is not comfortable even then customers came to mall with go-cart.

The mall and shops are doing the cozy and comfortable atmosphere for customers. The main point of that is to attract people to come back and buy more. That kind of atmosphere are interior and exterior like music,  showcase, rack, comfortable supplies location, colors, flavor.

Therefore, if customer will leave the mall or the shop with satisfaction then he or she certainly come back there.

Finally, NorteShopping has a lot of regular customers and that means that they are satisfying customers needs.




Marketing and Marketing Communication


Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers. The most important is to describe main thing in marketing. A lot of people have different point of view about the marketing and they are publishing their definitions. So, I will show 3 definitions about it:

  1. The following definition was approved by the American Marketing Association Board of Directors: “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large“. The main point in this definition is to connect activity, process and exchange in the public and this connection must have a big value. Otherwise, the company will not be able to expand and increase itself. Daugiau

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